Brake and Clutch Fluid-Maintain Dot 4


Maintain Dot 4 : Brake and Clutch Fluid

Super high performance brake fluid for hydraulic brake systems and clutch actuation in passenger cars, truck and motorcycles.

Maintain Dot 4 offers additional protection against vaporization even under severe conditions

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Maintain DOT 4 – Brake and Clutch Fluid

Brake fluids are special hydra ulic fluids which transfer brake pedal force to the brake cylinders in every wheel.

The demands made on these important fluids are high:

  • A high boiling point guarantees safety even in extreme conditions such as the high temperatures encountered when, for example, driving down mountains. The boiling point describes the characteristics of sealed, fresh fluid. Brake fluids have a boiling point of 230 °C (DOT 4)
  • Lowest possible drop in boiling point when moisture is absorbed (high wet boiling point). The wet boiling point describes this characteristic at the end of the fluid’s life. According to DOT, the wet boiling point thresholds are: DOT 4: 170 °C
  • Optimum braking system corrosion protection.
  • Complete compatibility with all braking system materials such as plastics, rubber and metals.

The FUCHS MAINTAIN DOT 4 and brake fluids are high-performance products which fulfil or surpass all demands.

Vehicle Manufacturer recommendations are to be obeyed when using Maintain Dot 4. Do not use Maintain Dot 4 in any kind of hydraulic brake or clutch actuation systems if a silicon or mineral oil based fluid is specified.

Mixing with other products should be avoided in order to fully utilize the product’s benefits, a complete change of the fill is recommended when converting to Maintain DOT 4

Brake fluid should be checked or replaced every two years. Because safety comes first.

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