Engine Oil – Grand Prix Extra


Grand Prix Extra 20W50 Engine Oil, provides outstanding performance again wear, oxidation, corrosion and foaming.

The oil is suitable for mixed fleet petrol and diesel engines.  Shear stability provides for improved oil consumption.

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Grand Prix Extra 20W-50 : Engine Oil

Fuchs WP Penn Grand Prix Extra 20W-50 Engine oil is a superior quality multigrade crankcase lubricant, which can be applied to all turbo charges as well as naturally aspirated four stroke gasoline and diesel engines.


Engine oil does much more for an engine than lubricate. It provides cooling, cleaning, and a bunch of other chores. You already know engine function is degraded when you run out of oil. Let’s see if we can run it down to make more sense for you how it happens.

Let’s say, for lack of argument, your engine is running with very little to no oil. The engine oil light is on as the engine is running. Antifreeze is up to snuff, but that won’t stop overheating for too long. Here is what happens:

As whatever limited oil is in the engine is pushed around, it becomes hotter and hotter. It becomes hotter because the oil isn’t allowed enough time to cool down a little before it is required to go back into the engine and do its thing. As this happens, the oil will wear out faster. Fully synthetic oil will last longer than dino (refined) oil, but it will suffer defeat sooner or later as well. Several reactions happen to the oil, to include oxidation, thermal degradation, and compressive heating. Mind you, all of these things are created under normal use conditions (and thus the reason we change oils when we should), but under extreme conditions as  it all happens much faster.

WM Pen Grand Prix Extra 20W50 is available ins 500ml and 5 L


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