Gun Gum Paste – Silencer repair sealant


Gun Gum Paste

Replacing your exhaust system can be costly, luckily, repairing your own exhaust system, which is safe and cost effective is possible with Gun Gum Paste.


Gun Gum Paste- Silencer repair sealant

Gun Gum Paste is a safe and cost effective solution to repairing your exhaust system.  Holes in your exhaust and fumes leaking out of your exhaust can increase your car’s emissions and cause damage to other parts of your car.

Repairs holes in silencers with gas tight seal, the hotter it gets the harder it seals.

Benefits / Advantages:

  • Quick and easy exhaust system repair
  • Works on hard to reach places
  • Creates gas tight seal
  • Permanent repair guaranteed

Directions for use:

  1. Clean off dirt and loose rust around the hole
  2. Run engine to warm silencer
  3. Moisten around hole, apply Gun Gum with knife or thumb, forcing it well in
  4. If necessary, soften Gun gum with a little water
  5. Smooth down repair with hand
  6. Leave it overnight to harden or run engine slowly to speed up drying time
  7. Don’t race engine until repair is fully hardened

Additional information

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