Marine Grease Trailer Bearings – Renolit LC-WP2


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Marine Grease Trailer Bearings:

Renolit LC-WP2 : Marine Grease trailer Bearings is a waterproof, multipurpose EP Lithium/Calcuim Grease, highly fortified with synthetic polymers.

Advantages / Benefits of Renolit LC-WP2 ( Marine Grease)

  • Waterproof: Protects bearings, seals and open gears against costly wear
  • Chemical Resistant: Sealing effect, minimizes corrosive wear in a wide variety of chemical environments
  • Extends Lube Cycles: Grease will not be washed out
  • Tenacious synthetic polymers resist high impact, shock loads and washout
  • Reduces friction, wear and downtime… as down time decreases…production increases.
  • Unsurpassed sealing qualities drastically reduce contamination of surrounding fluids and operating parts
  • Special EP compounding helps to prevent wear under heavy duty conditions



  • Travelling Water Screens
  • Machinery exposed to wet conditions
  • Steam Sprays
  • Bearings operating under water
  • Seals, bushings
  • Open Gears
  • Chemical Plants
  • General Purpose Lubricantion
  • Marine Applications
  • Mining and heavy duty equipment
  • Off-shore drilling rigs
  • Flexible geared couplings
  • Boat Trailer Wheel Bearings
  • Hopper Wheel Bearings

Available in 500g and 5kg


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