Combat: Lubricating and Penetrating Oil


Molyslip Combat Lubricating and Penetrating Oil availible in cans of 200ml and 400ml.

Utilized for Squeaks, Penetrating Oil, Water/Moisture Problems, Storage and Anti-Corrosion.


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Lubricating and Penetrating Oil:

Molyslip Combat Lubricating excellence, a penetrating oil that eliminates squeaks, leaves and anti corrosive lubricating film. displaces water where needed, loosens tight bolts and rusty locks plus a myraid of other practical applications.

Application can be used for :

  • Squeaks: Eliminates squeaks on gates,doors,hinges, prams, cycles and chairs etc.
  • Penetrating Oil: Tight bolts, all nuts, rusty locks, door hinges and handles, sticky linkages. blinds, curtain rails and all winding mechanisms.
  • Cleans and removes grease and tar spots
  • Water / Moisture Problems: Displaces water on all types of engine ignition systems where water ingress is a problem
  • Displaces Moisture on exposed electrical connections
  • Dielectric strength of 38KV
  • Storage and Anti Corrosion: Cleans and protects firearms and fishing tackle, bicycles, toys, domestic appliances, seized bolts, swimming pool and garden equipment.
  • Harmless to rubber

Precaution: Extremely Flammable: Pressurized Container:

Protect from sunlight and do expose to temperatures exceeding 50°C

Keep away from heat/ sparks/ flames/ hot surfaces – no smoking.

Do not spray onto an open flame or other ignition sources.

Do not pierce or burn, even after use.


Propane/ Butane, petroleum solvents, mineral oil, additives and penetrant


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