Radweld: Seals Leaking Radiators


Radweld: Seals Leaking Radiators

Radweld seals leaking radiators quickly and effectively and is harmless to radiator hoses.

Radweld is safe to use will all metals including aluminium.

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Radweld : Seals Leaking Radiators

Radweld Seals leaking radiators within minutes and is harmless to radiator hoses.

Don’t let steam from your radiator ruin your day or cost a fortune to repair. Radweld’s advanced formula will target your leaks and permanently seal them.

Benefits / Advantages:

  • Harmless to radiator hoses
  • unaffected by anti-freeze
  • Can safely be left in the cooling system
  • Ready to stop leaks as they occur
  • Safe to use will all metals (including aluminium)
  • No clogging or damaging effect
  • Prevents future leaks
  • Seals leaks within minutes


Easy to Use:

  1. Drain and refill radiator
  2. Run engine until water is warm
  3. Shake thoroughly and pour directly into radiator
  4. Run engine for a few minutes to allow seal to harden
  5. For very large leaks, slow down water flow with a little steel wool , to allow sealant to act

∗ In cold weather, the compound will our more readily if it is warmed in hot water.

Contents are sufficient for cooling systems of 20 litre capacity.



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