Renoclean Grit Hand Cleaner


Renoclean Grit Hand Cleaner

Is formulated to be used in its concentrated form, easily removes oil, grease and ink from hands

Designed with 16 natural ingredients and free of solvents , thus not causing any skin irritations

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Renoclean Grit Hand Cleaner is of creamy consistency, washing paste, containing quartz silica and is formulated for use in its concentrated form.

Advantages / Benefits:

  • Easily removes oil, grease and ink from hands
  • Fully biodegradeable
  • Designed with 16 natural ingredients
  • Free of solvents
  • Contains Natural oils such as soya, coconut and cocoa butter for skin protection
  • Contains preservatives to prevent development of microbes
  • The grit acts a mild abrasive to assist in the cleaning action
  • No aggressive compounds and in normal use does not cause skin irritations


  • The soap is ready to use in its concentrated form
  • Apply a small quantity on your hands and lather
  • Can be wiped or rinsed with water after cleaning
  • Should the hands be heavily soiled, repeated application might be necessary


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