Wheel Bearing Grease (Super Luplex M2)


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Fuchs Southern Africa offers the best of high quality German products, manufactured with only the highest quality mineral and synthetic base oils, and additive packages.

Fuchs remains in the forefront of developing lubricants in co-operation with the world’s most innovative automotive and industrial OEM’s that provide the enhanced levels of performance that they require.

This dedication to excellence is highlighted by the number of products within our extensive range of products that carry approvals from the world’s best known manufacturers.

Super Luplex M2 are non-leaded extreme pressure greases, that  replace the ordinary lithium greases.

Advantages / Benefits :

  • Can withstand high operating temperatures
  • Provides good rust protection
  • Efficient water resistance
  • Excellent stability against oxidation
  • Improved resistance to mechanical breakdown
  • Temperature range -20°C to 150°C, peak at 160°C

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